Q5 Series GPR System


Simply put, the Q5 GPR system is a workhorse when it comes to locating buried utilities. Its easy-to-use interface can also be expanded and configured for other applications as needed. Not only is this system incredibly versatile, but it is the most powerful ground penetrating radar for locating underground utilities up to 15′ (5m) deep at high resolution.

The Q5 is more than just a utility locator, it has a wide range of applications. It is also a data collection platform that allows you to visually document your findings to share with others on your utility installation and maintenance teams. You can use the easy-to-learn interface to create a deliverable dataset that ensures all workers are on the same page when completing the job. This results in a safer, more efficient work environment where everyone is working with more confidence.

Featured Technologies

Featured Q5 Hardware Technologies

  • SmartGain2
  • Folding Rough Terrain Cart
  • Self-Calibrating

Featured Q5 Software Technologies

  • SmartStack
  • StreetSmart Real-Time Processing
  • Auto Config
  • Depth Calibration

Applications for the Q5

The Q5’s versatility and penetration depth allows it to be put to use across a wide variety of applications. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

Utility Locating

  • Non-metallic pipes
  • Metallic pipes
  • Fiber optics
  • Water boxes
  • Missing valves
  • Conduit


  • Buried drums
  • Tanks
  • Voids
  • Landfill limits

Law Enforcement:

  • Forensic investigation
  • Illegal connections


  • Artifacts
  • Graves


Durable, Glare-Resistant Tablet Interface

  • Daylight readable, weatherproof Getac tablet interface
  • High performance CPU enables real-time data processing
  • Built-in 3D view capability
  • WiFi supported
  • USB, Ethernet, HDMI and Audio ports

Easy Storage

  • Folding cart handle and easy mount for easy storage

Long Life Battery Packs

  • Each battery lasts a total runtime of 8 hours each
  • Battery packs have lifespan of several years

Airless, Solid Tires

  • Airless, solid tires that cannot go flat
  • Require no maintenance

Sloped Antenna Design

  • AEasily glides over obstacles
  • Optional GPS integration
  • Military-grade connectors for secure connection between antenna and controller

Optional GPS Integration

  • Optional GPS Pole mount
  • Enables GPS to be centered over antenna
  • Integrates with most high-end GIS and RTK units
  • Optional integration with Google Earth


Radar Controller Computer

Getac F110

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or 10 64-bit
  • Third-generation Intel® Core™ i5vPro™ Processor
  • Durability: MIL-STD-810G, 4-foot drop and all-weather IP65 dust and water resistant design
  • Display: 11.6 inch, HD daylight-readable, ten-point multi touch + digitizer
  • I/O Interface: Ethernet Port, DC Power Port, 1 USB 3.0 Port, HDMI Port, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Expansion Options: MicroSD or second USB 2.0 port, RJ45 Ethernet, Dedicated GPS
  • Communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional 4G LTE or 3G Gobi™


  • Microsoft Windows
  • US Radar Control Software Including:
    • System Configuration
    • A Scan Display (Oscilloscope Mode)
    • B Scan Display (Cross Sectional View)
    • C Scan Display (3D) (Optional)
    • Real Time Signal Processing
    • Data Storage and Playback

System Scan Modes

  • Maximum typical logging scan rate of 390 traces per second
  • Trigger Modes: Free run, timed interval, shaft encoder, GPS, manual
  • Nominal Sampling Rate: 650,000,000 samples per second
  • Maximum Resolution: 100 Gigasamples per second
  • Hardware Time Varying Gain: 45dB
  • Software Time Varying Gain: 60dB
  • Software Flat Gain: 60dB

System Environmental Specifications

  • Temperature: -11 deg. To 50 deg. C
  • Moisture and dust resistance: IP 65

Radar Hardware Specifications

  • Total System Dynamic Range: >130 dB
  • Receiver Dynamic Range: >90 dB
  • Sampling Interval: 10 ps-6.4 ns
  • Time Range Adjustment Interval: 10 ps
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency: 0.1-4 MHz-adjustable
  • Samples per Trace: 2-8192, Adjustable
  • Effective Bandwidth (typ.): >4 GHz
  • Stacking: Automatic
  • Transmitter: Stepped Ultra Wideband Triple Frequency


  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor
  • Complimentary telephone and email technical support


Acquisition Software

Easy to use out of the box
Perfect for on-the-go locating
Auto-Calibrates Antenna


Easy to use out of the box
Perfect for on-the-go locating
Auto-Calibrates Antenna

Time-Varying Gain &
Manual Configuration

Enhance image at desired depth
Multiple gain configuration filters

Color Palettes

Use pre-made or make your own
Alter gain (contrast)
Zoom to enhance view

Mark-out & Measure Data

Mark & label points in radar data
Measure distance between points

Automatic Report Generation
& File Export

Exports radar data automatically
Choose from many file formats

Optional Google Earth/Satellite
Imaging Software Integration

Overlay radar data on satellite imaging
Create reliable utility maps
See data in relevant environmental context
Annotate & map data

Optional 3D Imaging & Modeling

Generate depth slices overlays
Generate point clouds
Create isosurface models

Optional Mapping Software

Create as-built drawings
Use in the field or at the office
Export into many file formats

Optional 3rd Party Software Integration

US Radar data can also be processed in several third party software packages.
Contact us or your US Radar representative for more info.

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