S420 – 5 kV Insulation Tester (megohmmeter)

Escape to the Oceans

With all-directional freedom of movement and a compact design, the FIFISH V6 underwater drone delivers a revolutionary point of view for explorations, underwater photography, and industrial ROV inspections.


360° Maneuverability
Move with 6-degrees of freedom, from rolls & pitches to yaws & sideway glides.

Depth Hold
Lock the altitude of your drone and glide across the oceans with smoothness and precision.

Posture Lock
Secure the angle of your drone as you move in any direction. Capture the underwater world in a unique light.

Movement Combinations
Create epic underwater shots with flair and precision, from spirals, helix's, corkscrews, and many more.

Cinematic Clarity

FIFISH V6 is equipped to handle low-light conditions underwater, delivering the clarity you need for your films or underwater ROV inspections.



Powerful LED Lights

FIFISH V6 underwater drones come with a pair of ultra-bright 4000 lumens LED lights that gorgeously bring out the true colors of the underwater world.



Image & Color Enhancements

The FIFISH V6 underwater drone app's true color algorithms adapt and produce images that are bright, colorful, and crystal clear.



VR Smart Controls


The first motion sensor headset we have designed allows the pilot to seamlessly control the direction of the FIFISH V6 underwater drone simply by moving their head.


The FIFISH VR goggles provides a real-time surrounding view from the V6 underwater drones' perspectives, immersing the pilot fully into the subaquatic world.

HD Display

An HD display is used with the underwater ROV, for its VR function to fully capture the true color and brilliance of the underwater environments.

Discover the Underwater World

The FIFISH V6 underwater drone's combination of high performance, compact size, and affordable pricing has opened an exciting opportunity for the global consumer market to learn and discover more about the oceans that surround us.


Equipped with smart filters and multiple soundtracks to help you edit your films like a pro.



Color Restoration

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