S420 – 5 kV Insulation Tester (megohmmeter)


Cinematic underwater ROV

The charm of cinematic film and television production

Large in size, all-inclusive function

Built-in 8 liter space (220mm*220mm*170mm)
Can be equipped with professional waterproof cameras of different sizes, reserved butterfly interface
Support multiple attachments at the same time
Standard model
camera: Panasonic DC-GH5S
lens: OLYMPUS M. ZUIKO DIGITAL 8mm 1:1.8

*Customizations can be received to accommodate larger cameras

Free and flexible, do whatever you want

Immersive control, moves with your body

Using VR equipment to control the underwater robot shooting angle is simple and convenient, allowing photographers to be immersive and giving each picture a panoramic view.

Real-time adjustment of camera parameters onshore

Quality comes from extraordinary

Precis structural design and second-generation aerospace composite materials make the machine resistant to impact, corrosion, high and low temperatures

Modular Design

Achieve rapid disassembly of photographic equipment

Quick battery replacement and long-lasting operation

Portable transportation, free shooting

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