Ground Penetration Scanning In Gunung Pass Landslide Area - 7 Jan 2013
In the occasion of SAARS 2013 site visit on June 14, 2013 to Gunung Pass, Detector DUO Ground Penetration Radar System from IDS take part into the road scanning to evaluate the underground soil conditions at the location of landslide.

- Longitudinal Radar Scan (Scan 1 – location refer to Fig. 1) illustrating underground soil structural and anomaly condition as a result of GPR campaign completed in a very short time.
- Fig. 2 presents GPR scanning result in the form of radargram image. It indicates the soil layer (about 25 m stretch) looks very unusual or ‘sagging’ (see red arrows ) captured at the most spectacular unstable zone (see a photo) compared to the less peculiar area (blue arrow).

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